Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology examines the overarching themes and doctrines across the scriptures, such as the Concept of Covenant, Kingdom of God, Prophecy and Fulfillment, Law and Grace, Theology of Creation, and Sin and Redemption. It seeks to understand and articulate the unified narrative of the Bible as it unfolds the nature of God and His dealings with humanity.

Law and Grace

Discusses the biblical perspectives on law and grace, particularly in how they relate to salvation and ethics in Christian theology. This topic contrasts the legal requirements detailed in the Mosaic Law with the concept of grace introduced through Jesus Christ and elaborated upon by Paul in his epistles.

Theology of Creation

Explores the biblical account of creation across Genesis and other scriptures, discussing theological themes such as God's sovereignty, the nature of humanity, and the stewardship of creation. It also addresses contemporary issues such as environmental ethics and the relationship between science and religion.

Sin and Redemption

Examines the themes of sin and redemption as central elements of Christian theology. This topic covers the fall of humanity, the nature of sin, and the means of redemption through Christ's sacrificial death and resurrection. It explores how these concepts are interwoven throughout the biblical narrative and their implications for Christian life and soteriology.

What is sin according to the Bible?

Sin, according to the Bible, is a multifaceted concept that encompasses actions, thoughts, and states of being that are contrary to the will and nature of God. To understand sin comprehensively, it is essential to explore its origin, nature, consequences, and the means of redemption as presented in…

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Justification is an act of God where individuals are declared righteous in His sight through faith in Christ, based on Jesus' righteousness being imputed to them.

How does the Bible define righteousness?

Understanding how the Bible defines righteousness is a profound journey that takes us through the core of biblical theology, touching on the nature of God, human sinfulness, and the means of our redemption. Righteousness, as defined by the Bible, is rooted deeply in the character of God and His rel…

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John’s Gospel stands apart for its theological depth and focus on the divinity of Christ, introduced with a poetic prologue describing Jesus as the Word made flesh. It features extended discourses and symbolic miracles, termed 'signs,' which reveal his identity and mission. The themes of light versus darkness, belief versus unbelief, and the preexistence of Christ are prevalent. John emphasizes the intimate relationship between Jesus and his followers, encapsulated in passages like the farewell discourse and the prayer for unity.

What is the meaning of 'begotten' in the Bible?

The term "begotten" carries profound theological significance, particularly within the context of the Bible and Christian theology. To understand its meaning, we must delve into its usage in both the Old and New Testaments, with a particular focus on its application to Jesus Christ. The term "begot…

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The Concept of Covenant in the Bible

This topic explores the significant covenants made throughout the Bible, such as those with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David, as well as the New Covenant established through Jesus Christ. It discusses the theological implications of these covenants and how they shape the relationship between God and humanity.

Kingdom of God Across Scriptures

Examines how the concept of the Kingdom of God is presented and evolves across the Old and New Testaments. It looks at prophetic visions, Jesus' teachings, and apocalyptic literature to understand how this theme unifies biblical narratives and theological teachings.

Prophecy and Fulfillment

Focuses on the role of prophecy in the Bible, examining key prophetic texts and their fulfillments as seen within the scriptures, particularly how Old Testament prophecies are interpreted as being fulfilled in the New Testament.

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