Modern Issues

"Modern Issues" examines the challenges and opportunities presented by contemporary society, including Technology Use, Environmental Stewardship, Social Media Ethics, Globalization, Consumerism, and Privacy and Data Security. This section helps Christians navigate these complex topics by applying biblical ethics to modern dilemmas, promoting thoughtful engagement and responsible behavior in a rapidly evolving world.


Justice in Christian ethics involves the fair and impartial treatment of all persons, especially in legal and societal contexts. It reflects God's nature as just and his commandments to uphold justice. Issues like judicial fairness, prison reform, and equitable laws are central to this discussion.

Media Ethics

Media ethics covers the responsibilities of those in the media industry to convey information truthfully and respectfully. Christians involved in media are called to uphold principles such as truth, dignity, and respect, avoiding sensationalism and respecting privacy while informing the public. This also involves discerning consumption and production of media that aligns with Christian teachings.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution in Christian settings involves addressing disagreements with compassion and fairness, guided by biblical principles such as forgiveness and reconciliation.

Handling Anger

Handling anger involves understanding its roots and expressing it constructively rather than destructively. Christian perspectives encourage addressing anger through prayer, reflection, and open communication in light of scriptural teachings on self-control and peace.

Technology Use

Examining the ethical and spiritual implications of technology in society, focusing on how Christians can use technology responsibly and maintain a healthy digital life.

Environmental Stewardship

Exploring the Christian duty to care for God's creation, addressing issues from climate change to conservation, and advocating for sustainable practices that honor the Creator.

Social Media Ethics

Discussing the moral considerations of using social media, including issues of truth, privacy, and the impact on mental health, as well as how to use these platforms to spread positivity.


Addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization, including the spread of Christian values and the church's response to cultural and economic changes worldwide.


Critiquing the culture of consumerism from a Christian perspective, considering its impact on spiritual life and how to prioritize spiritual values over materialistic pursuits.

Privacy and Data Security

Investigating the importance of privacy and data security, especially in a digital age, and understanding how Christians should protect this aspect of their personal and communal lives.

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