Legal and Political

"Legal and Political" focuses on the ethical aspects of governance and public policy from a Christian viewpoint. It discusses Justice, Law and Order, Corruption, Christian Involvement in Politics, Civil Rights, and Electoral Integrity. This section encourages informed and ethical participation in political processes, highlighting how biblical principles can guide decisions in legal and political arenas to foster governance that serves the common good.

Electoral Integrity

Electoral integrity focuses on the honesty, fairness, and transparency of electoral processes. Christian ethics support efforts to ensure that elections are conducted rightly and that all votes are counted fairly, reflecting the values of truth and justice in societal governance.


Justice in Christian ethics involves the fair and impartial treatment of all persons, especially in legal and societal contexts. It reflects God's nature as just and his commandments to uphold justice. Issues like judicial fairness, prison reform, and equitable laws are central to this discussion.

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Law and Order

Law and order from a Christian perspective emphasizes the importance of abiding by societal laws that are in harmony with biblical principles. It supports the role of government in maintaining peace and protecting citizens, while also advocating for laws that uphold moral and ethical standards.


Corruption, whether in government, business, or other institutions, is condemned by Christian ethics, which advocate for integrity and transparency. Christians are called to be examples in fighting corruption and promoting ethical practices in all areas of life.

Christian Involvement in Politics

Christian involvement in politics involves engagement in political processes and advocacy in a manner that reflects biblical values. This includes voting, running for office, and partaking in policy-making, all while striving to bring about godly principles in governance and public life.

Civil Rights

Civil rights in the context of Christian ethics involves advocating for the equal and fair treatment of all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or economic status. This aligns with the biblical teaching that all people are made in the image of God and deserve respect and justice.

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